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Queen Elizabeth ‘will not step down as Monarch amid health will instead ‘pace her engagements,’ former press secretary claims.


Queen Elizabeth II won’t step down anytime soon.

The claim was made by Dickie Arbiter, the reigning monarch’s former press spokesman, amid concerns over her health after the 95-year-old canceled a trip to Northern Ireland this week following medical advice.

“Remembrance Day is coming up and is sacred in her diary,” Arbiter told “Good Morning Britain” on Thursday. “To suggest she’ll back down is patronizing and fighting fire – the queen will instead ask her officials to pace her engagements more.”

Arbiter told the outlet that there’s a good reason why the queen won’t step down.

“During her coronation, she made a vow in the eyes of God, and you can’t compare that promise to the pope retiring,” he explained. “The queen has had a very strenuous few days ago, which is why doctors probably advised her to cancel her upcoming trip.”

“It’s a lot to ask of anyone any age – even when she’s not at engagements the monarch has mounds of paperwork to go through,” he shared. “The officials at Buckingham Palace will be looking very carefully to pace her engagements.”


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