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A strange tree germinate back tall and huge after some hours of cutting.( Videos).


A female Corp member cries out loud on her Whatsapp status after she saw a strange tree grows so tall and huge after some hours of cutting .

According to her ” Things is happening in OYOooo..I never c dis kind tin before…tree wey don fall and don kill people and after some hours of cutting the branch of the tree stood up itself.. this is real it’s happening in my area..I no serve again oo 😭😭😭” .

Watch the video here.

Before yesterday atleast four people were killed in a landslide during a rainy season in the Alafin Sabo Idi Odun area of Oyo state.

It was reported on Sunday that people, both young and old, had fled under the tree to wait for the rains to subside.

Survivors fled the rain and sat down under a tree where a butcher was selling meat under the tree.

“But the day started quickly, and people went and sat under a tree to escape the rain without knowing that the end would come to them.

“”Even though it did not rain very hard, the storm followed, and the roof of the canopy began to open.

“Vehicles are running in the streets so that the rain does not catch them so they can get to their destination as soon as possible.

“”Also, the locals in the area are rushing to get on board before the rain starts.”

After this the tree under which people sat down collapsed and killed the tenants and children who were under the tree in the Oyo Sabo area for the rest of the year.”


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